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CD / DVD Replication

At Penguin Industries (Pvt) Ltd, we can replicate, print and package all your CD/DVD needs. CD/DVD replication process involves the disc to be manufactured by moulding the disc along with a stamper incorporated in the moulding process. Unlike CD-R (recordable CDs) which has a short lifetime, replicated CD and DVDs have much higher durability with no data corruption. The fully automated CD/DVD replication technology guarantees a 100% perfect CD/DVD along with 5-year manufacture warranty. The production capacity is 1000 CD/DVD per hour which includes online optical scanners and offline quality control unit for secondary quality check.

CD/DVD replication is a very quick and cost-effective production method for larger quantities of discs (500 or more). Replicated CD/DVDs are then printed and packaged per customer requirements.

You may purchase the CD on spindle or take advantage of our full service option that includes the disc, packaging and shrink wrapping. Do you have any corporate, institutional, educational or audio CD/DVD needs, please call us or send us an inquiry!

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