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CD/DVD Replication/Manufacturing, Sri Lanka

CD / DVD Replication

At Penguin Industries (Pvt) Ltd, we can replicate, print and package all your CD/DVD needs. CD/DVD replication process involves the disc to be manufactured by moulding the disc along with a stamper incorporated in the moulding process...

CD/DVD Printing, Print on CD/DVD in Sri Lanka

CD / DVD Printing

CD/DVD replication is followed by our 5-colour satellite compact disc printing process which prints high resolution images on up to 1500 discs per hour.When a customer provides us with the artwork, a four colour positive is created for this process...

Audio-Production Studio, Sri Lanka

Live Audio Production

Penguin live production is a full service recording studio, offering affordable live recording and CD mixing to audio music producers, film and TV producers and leading advertising companies in Sri Lanka...

Plactic Manufacturing and Injecting Moulding, Sri Lanka

Plastic Manufacturing

The manufacturing plant in Homagama consists of a 8500 Sq. Ft production area along with a 7200 sqft store area and a 2500 Sq. Ft office/staff area. The plant currently operates 12 computerized precision plastic moulding machines of different capacities...

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