Penguin Industries

Penguin Industries (Pvt) Ltd.

Penguin Industries (Pvt) Ltd group operates as the parent company to Penguin Audio (Pvt) Ltd (Associate) and Penguin Electronics (Pvt) Ltd (Subsidiary) to optimize operations and produce high quality products and services to its customers. Currently, there are two manufacturing plants which focus on CD/DVD replication and plastic manufacturing separately.

The fully automated CD/DVD replication technology guarantees a 100% perfect CD/DVD along with 5-year manufacture warranty. The production capacity is 1000 CD/DVD per hour which includes online optical scanners and offline quality control unit for secondary quality check. The CD/DVD printing plant can print up to 1500 high resolution photo images per hour.

In addition, the computerized precision injection moulding machines installed at our moulding plant could accommodate up to 550 gms injection capacity and manufacture a range of products from dress hangers, trolley wheels to other plastic items for franchise holders worldwide.

TOPLOCK, Our latest addition to the mainstream plastic products are air tight containers with a 4-side locking system. These multi-functional sealable containers have set innovative and enhanced standards for storing of food, cosmetics, toys, stationary at afforable prices for the local consumers.

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